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About Astrology



What is astrology? You may well ask. You may also ask: why are so many of us interested in the subject? Answer: astrology, as all of us know, is used by smart people everyday. Because, it tells what the future may hold for us before the future unfolds? Yes!

Besides, astrology can help you, and your loved ones, avoid life-threatening events before they happen!!

By way of definition, astrology is the study of the positions and aspects of celestial bodies, which have an influence on the course of natural Earthly occurrences and human affairs.

Astrology was, indeed, the first science. It came much before physics, chemistry, and the biological sciences. Subjects, you did not fancy reading in school!

Legend has it that the Sumerians built temples, or terraced pyramids, to study the stars and planets around 2900 BC. Experts say that astrology may have existed even before this period.

It would not surprise us that famous astrologers included the Three Wise Men, Pythagoras, the great philosopher, Nostradamus, the seer who saw tomorrow, and Sir Isaac Newton — one of the greatest scientists that ever lived.


Astrology : Significance

“[Astrology] describes inner substance. It’s the stuff you’re made of, the basic matter that forms the psyche. It is certainly what has been written, but it’s unformed when you are born. It exists in potential. It hasn’t been lived yet. And, sooner or later, it will seek to actualise itself.”

-Dr Liz Greene PhD, Jungian Psychoanalyst

What does astrology signify? Astrology studies the movements of the Sun, Moon, and the planets. It studies their connection to everyone on our living planet.

Put simply, astrology is based on the relationships between the planets, the Sun and the Moon, the 12 zodiac or “Sun signs,” which most of us know or have read about, and 12 areas of a person’s life called “houses.”

Astrology has sure come a long way. After thousands of years, it continues to remain the most complex of subjects. Interestingly, it offers explanations on the phenomena of life for which “rational science” does not have an answer.

Astrology is not a dark art or science as its cynics would want us to believe. Even our calendar is based on astrology — the days of the week. From Monday to Sunday!

Astrology : The Myths Laid Bare

In our new era of technology, many of us believe that we know better than to believe in astrology. Do you know, for instance, that astrologers themselves say that planets do not influence our behaviour?

The planets do not cause things to happen. They also don’t make people behave in certain manner.

According to astrology, the planets are like barometers. They indicate the same energies occurring on Earth — that is, in people, places, and in everything around us.

Astrology is used to observe the planets and use them as co-incident indicators of what is happening at a certain time, or in a person, or place.

In simple terms, astrology appears to work via synchronicity or, what is called as “meaningful coincidences.” This idea was first propounded by Carl Gustav Jung, the pioneering psychoanalyst. In other words, this means that what occurs above us is a reflection of what is happening on Earth.

You get the idea? Simple, again. The two are co-incident with each other, or synchronous!

Also, remember that the Bible, ancient Hindu and other religious texts, are filled with astrological information and messages. Even today, most societies in the world consider an astrological chart as an expression of the Divine Will of God.

In the words of Will Keepin, a physicist, “The nature of reality is a single undivided wholeness.” This only means that we are all part of something, and like the DNA, each of us contains the “blueprint” of that something as well.

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