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Astrology: Career Chart

Free astrology career chart

Everything is linked in this world, including your character traits. For some, this is quite balanced; they are not subject to much change in life.

However, what and how you think is closely related to the mind-set you carry with you, not to speak of your perception and attitude. Also, of the activities you are into, or would want to get into.

All of these, singly and collectively, will have a strong impact on your career.

However, to finally succeed you need to hone your skills and develop persistent qualities to take yourself ahead in your career endeavours, or objectives.

The terms introversion and extraversion would be very familiar to you. The two expressions describe two ways of approaching the world. They are apparent to others, not so much to the person himself/herself.

An introvert is a person who reviews the world in terms of what events mean for oneself, unlike the extrovert who is impassive within to happenings around.

Many of us look at life's activities on an inner, in-person or individual basis. For an introvert, needless to say, his/her own thoughts often relate to self, or what is within the individual.

The best thing you can do to develop yourself is to understand what life offers before you hop onto a career path and chart its course. Because, when you think of the real world around you, you will think of your own inner world of ideas and personal understanding. You predispose yourself to protect yourself against the outer world, more so in relationship with your inner life.

Picture this. When the two tendencies are combined, or streamlined [we are thinking of possibilities!] and with good effect, it brings clarity, which is much more than falling in line with a personal idea of the world.

Inference? You need to chart your career in tune with what you can do best, or manage - remember the world has a place for both the introvert and the extrovert in you and in others. It is your uniqueness that makes this world your own, and our own.

It is also something that helps you tick as an individual with your own unique persona and skills.

So, retain your individuality, and try to change when change is needed. This is also the most ideal way for you to choose and plan your career chart that is linked to your interest, and one you can change on an as-needed-basis. You will do well!


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