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Get free health and well-being astrology report!

Astrology and Health

Free astrology, health and wellbeing report Find out your health and wellness by our free astrology wellbeing report.
All of us want to lead a healthy and vigorous life - a life that is free from illness and, therefore, full of verve, energy, and enthusiasm.

Good health does not, of course, mean a mere absence of illness - it is much more than that. It means - to enjoy life in all its bounty.

Taking care of health is, therefore, not just a part of being aware of medications and forms of treatment that are available for us to lead an energetic life.

Reason enough to highlight why our health is very much astrologically influenced, especially by way of the planets. Each of the planets represents what may be termed as the electromotive force. The force differs in its energy subject to the date, time and place of your birth.

It also leads to astrological influences that play a major role in determining our mental and physical health, and also well-being.

The branch of astrology that focuses on our health issues through the symbolic representation of the planets and signs in the astrology chart is called Medical Astrology.

Medical Astrology is the branch of astrology that analyses our birth chart to establish our emotional and intellectual predispositions preceding a disease or illness. This is also something that we'd all use for astrological guidance with good effect - to nip any illness that threatens us in the bud.

Another advantage - Medical Astrology could be usefully employed with tangible accuracy to prevent illness and also provide a forecast of the actual progression of a given disease, and also its possible resolution or cure.


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