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Chinese Astrology Compatibility


Do you have a Snake as your companion? Do Dogs make devoted associates?

Wait a minute — this is not weird! Reason: each of the twelve Chinese Astrology Signs is symbolised by a particular animal.

Needless to say, each of these Signs also reflects the given animal characteristics. This is, of course, an Eastern perspective.

From the point of view of the West, though, some Chinese Zodiacal Signs are equivalent to being rude — for one to base one's character on animals.

The rat, for instance, is generally considered to be a filthy, nasty hunter, in the West. Likewise, the pig is dirty and messy.

Interestingly, in Eastern tradition, the two animals are highly revered: Do you know why? While the Rat is celebrated for its knack to accumulate objects of inestimable worth, the Pig is venerated for its excellent intellect and staying power.

Remember like each Sun Sign being connected in a different way to the other Signs of the Zodiac, each pair of Chinese Astrology Signs “networks” in its personal unique manner to go with your personality.

Suppose your love is as physically powerful as an ox, what do you make out of it? Don’t be alarmed!

Or, if someone asked you whether you’ll find joy with a Tiger, don’t fidget, again!!

Well, the answer is simple. The Chinese Zodiac is based on the year of your birth — the year to which a certain animal is connected. It can, therefore, lend a helping hand to establish your individuality and typify your instincts, quite like Western astrological practice.

Besides this, Chinese Astrology Compatibility Charts also employ your individual characteristics to decide which sign could be best, or ideally, suited in friendship and to be in love with.

This forms the very basis of Chinese Love Astrology.



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