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Love Compatibility Aries with...

The most important thing is, Aries does not like to be overshadowed, or given orders to do this or that. You like to have your own space - you tolerate no invasion on your space and you get irked if your date does not arrive on time. If your love seeks your advice and direction, you feel great. Not otherwise. You are not the type to wait for your love - it is up to them to keep pace with you. If they don't, you leave them behind.!

Aries & Aries:
Major anger battles are commonplace with this combination. It is good if you think that only one team can win. Best - if you accept a defeat, now and then. It will make your match tick. Sometimes, passion goes along with some problems too - so, try to bring some balance to your relationship.

Aries & Taurus:
The Bull may not like your free-spirited outlook. A bit of give and take should work. You won't like it, though, but it can steady your relationship.

Aries & Gemini:
The two make a great pair. The relationship is often exciting, and sexually fulfilling. It's quite often a relationship that is made to last. The best part is - you both find each other always alluring and attractive, and never get tired of each other.

Aries & Cancer:
A mismatch - Cancer is too delicate. Aries is too quick and bad-mouthed, or ill-tempered. You won't tolerate the slowness of the Crab, and this is often the cause of your problems. Unless you go all out to mend your relationship, forgetting all the slowness in your partner, your love, or marriage, will not work.

Aries & Leo:
A fantastic combination - simply, made for each other. A marriage that is made in heaven!

Aries & Virgo:
Aries is impulsive; Virgos are practical, logical, and critical. Not quite the relationship you can tinker around with!

Aries & Libra:
Opposites on the scale, they don't really attract each other like the norm most people relate to - opposites attract! Librans like style; Arians aren't as sophisticated.

Aries & Scorpio:
Mars is the channel for you both; but, the problem is the possibility of a clash between the domineering Scorpio with Aries' free-spirited temperament. If you can hold on to your nerves, this relationship can be hot and fulfilling.

Aries & Sagittarius:
This combination can lead to a balanced, and fine relationship. The two make for a fun-loving couple, and do not care a damn for each others' flaws. A great union of minds, overall.

Aries & Capricorn:
Aries spends money like a millionaire; Capricorn is often a miser. You have a mismatch already - and, it ain't goin' to work!

Aries & Aquarius:
Not the best of unions - you tend to keep each other guessing with your contemplation, and not action.

Aries & Pisces:
A happening relationship from the sexual point of view, but the problem is each other's temperaments - Pisces is not quite sensitive to Aries' emotional overtones.

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