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Love Compatibility Scorpio with...


You take an all-or-none stand on relationships — relationships that you want to grow and stay

Scorpio & Aries:
You make a good combination — you lead a vibrant sex life. But, the only problem is jealousy may come in the way — for all the wrong reasons.

Scorpio & Taurus:
You get on very harmoniously — Taurus has the intensity to satiate your deep inner desires and wants. Your relationship, if you want it to be good, is often strong and secure.

Scorpio & Gemini:
Not compatible — a combination of sharp contrasts and turns.

Scorpio & Cancer:
An excellent combination. When you have Cancer, a loyal mate, with you, there is little to worry or think about. Cancerians also like your strong feelings just as much.

Scorpio & Leo:
Passionate, yes. But, the hidden danger is Leo’s frivolous and pompous nature. It could lead you to suspicion and arouse the seeds of vengeance and even crime.

Scorpio & Virgo:
You will have to accommodate problems with the dispassionate Virgo, otherwise you may move on to more obsessive partners.

Scorpio & Libra:
Not a good match. You will trail your partner — suspecting their intentions.

Scorpio & Scorpio:
Great in the bedroom, but not beyond. You have the nature to think that the other is having an affair. This is not a good thing to happen in a marriage.

Scorpio & Sagittarius:
Nothing in common; a total mis-match. One a home-lover; the other a frequent flier!

Scorpio & Capricorn:
A great partnership; you both love your homes and have a sense of a balance in anything you do.

Scorpio & Aquarius:
You value ethics. Aquarians don’t; they are free-spirited. Not a combination that can work.

Scorpio & Pisces:
Overall, okay. What makes your relationship tick is your sexual passion. Extend your passion and compassion for the long-term, because if you don’t, your relationship is not going to work.

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