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Find out your present health and future health by our exclusive health and well-being astrology report absolutely free!
Know your zodiac sign compatibility  with that of your partner's with our free astrological compatibility report. Free Astrology Reports
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Know your zodiac sign compatibility  with that of your partner's with our free astrological compatibility report. Free Horoscope
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Love Compatibility Aquarius with...


You are cordial, and empathetic — a fine combination to making relationships work.

Aquarius & Aries:
A classy match — you both love entertainment and be entertained. You like the thrills of life and enjoyment.

Aquarius & Taurus:
You are impetuous; and Taureans, by nature, are obstinate. You have a mis-matched relationship from the word go!

Aquarius & Gemini:
Intellectually, a great relationship. But, beyond it, there is an element of needless uncertainty.

Aquarius & Cancer:
Your detached sense of attachment will only make an already uncertain Cancerian’s life miserable. It ain’t the best match — and, it ain’t gonna work for either.

Aquarius & Leo:
Leo is sensual; you are an intellectual. Isn’t this a difficult pointer to make things work, unless you go the long distance with understanding and fortitude?

Aquarius & Virgo:
On the intellectual plane, a wonderful combination. What you may not like is Virgoans’ asocial nature!

Aquarius & Libra:
Excellent from the mental and physical points-of-view. The one thing that can take you to a confrontation is your easy-spending attitude.

Aquarius & Scorpio: You are both dogmatic in terms of ideology — so, you know what to expect!

Aquarius & Sagittarius:
The perfect match for a quick fling — not for long-term relationship goals.

Aquarius & Capricorn:
You look in different directions — you are far too humane. Capricorn is usually scheming, and overtly ambitious.

Aquarius & Aquarius:
Emotionally, a wonderful combination. However, from the sexual point-of-view, the relationship may not go far.

Aquarius & Pisces:
A difficult combination — not a relationship that is destined to work for the long-term.

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