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View of Billable Hours

The best of AGILE developer task, time and project tracking made simple for everyday business use with time tracker for employees.

Cronus from KnowYourDay is the new user friendly pop-up app that helps you manage your projects daily whilst tracking the time spent on each of them across your whole workday.

Easily create projects and tasks you want to track, and Cronus will compute the time spent on each in the background.

  • Easy clickable start, pause, and stop buttons.
  • Tracks time to the second
  • Option to add, edit and delete projects or tasks
  • Time spent can be logged against projects and tasks
  • All information is securely stored local to your computer, not in the cloud
  • Export your timesheet in a CSV format, viewable anytime, daily, weekly or monthly

So if you are an entrepreneur, consultant, freelancer or a designer, try out the new KnowYourDay Cronus time tracking app for your next project.

Use the power of AI to look after the well-being of your employees

KnowYourDay is a new simple employee productivity solution and the time tracking tool that both you and your staff will like using. It contatins everything you'll need to improve the effectiveness of your remote staff and develop your organisation remotely, all while protecting user privacy.

Centralised view of knowyourday dashboard

Simple & intuitive,
performance dashboard

KnowYourDay provides an instant picture of your company’s overall performance. See how staff are working in real-time, where the business is focused, where time is spent and on which applications.

  • 'At a glance' view of your entire organisation
  • Filter data easily by numerous ways
  • Find who is online right now on your network
  • Early identification and classification of Insider threat Anomalies
  • Find where bottlenecks are before it turns out to be a issue

KnowYourDay is the ultimate remote workforce platform, providing you with the information you and your teams need to manage the business remotely.

knowyourday employee performance charts and indicators
Complete insight of employees in the company

Day-to-day view of overall
team activity

Whether you choose by team, department or individual, our activity charts give you lightning fast views of overall activity from daily, weekly and customisable views.

Users will gain really insight as to how their time is spent, where their focus is and learn where they can reap rewards to improve productivity. Our Day-to-day views show:

  • Total active hours
  • Keystrokes made
  • Mouse activity
  • Applications used
  • Colleagues online now

User privacy sits at the heart of KnowYourDay. Unlike other tools, we don’t need to collect personal information to provide you with the business metrics you need, meaning greater transparency and adoption across your network.

Even the smallest change
can deliver big benefits.

KnowYourDay’s helps you identify where time is being spent around the business and which are the areas that deliver very little.

By reducing time spent on low value tasks (or eradicating them altogether) you can vastly improve productivity by freeing up time for what’s important.

KnowYourDay’s helps you to:

  • See in detail what you and the business are doing
  • Spot key opportunities to become more efficient
  • Evaluate any changes made and their impact on the business
  • Repeat the above again and again, simply and efficiently
knowyourday charts for time and motion

Artificial intelligence engine for advanced analysis

Did you know that on average we generate around 50,000 data points during a typical workday?

Whilst individually these are meaningless, put together, they create valuable insight into user behaviours, skills and patterns of work that can enhance your business.

That’s where KnowYourDay’s powerful AI engine comes in.

By getting to understand users, KnowYourDay can help flag variations in behaviour that may signal something important to the business.

  • Users pushing for promotion
  • Users upskilling in new areas
  • Users multi-tasking due to work demands
  • User burnout

KnowYourDay’s AI gives you valuable insight that you otherwise wouldn’t have across your remote workforce. Employees benefit hugely from having an accurate record of their work efforts supporting them during remote working.

KYD user classification 3D view in a company
Knowyourday user restriction classification with respect to privacy

Full respect for
user privacy as standard

Spoiler alert: You DO NOT need to collect sensitive user information to manage remote workers!

  • We do not collect or store actual keystrokes made, but merely the count
  • We report on applications used, but not the content
  • We show website classification and DNS activity, but no link to actual pages

We make no apologies:

KnowYourDay is designed and architected as a productivity improvement tool, not a ‘snooper’ device, personal privacy is a priority.

KYD dashboard view of anamaly detection in the network

Secure by design – easily identify anomalies on your network

It’s an unfortunate reality, but most cyber-crime happens from within. KnowYourDay has built in security features which can be tailored to protect your companies data, trigger access alerts, log nefarious actions, and tools to make you aware if you have potentially been hacked. Alerts include:

  • Suspect activity alerts
  • Sensitive file access activity
  • Sensitive file rename activity
  • Sensitive file delete activity
  • Sensitive file USB download

Being light-touch, our focus is on user privacy, but where suspicious activity is happening across your network, we feel you’d like to know. As with all our features this can be customised to suit your requirements.

Simple, Elegant and User-friendly

Start working with KnowYourDay today. It’s simple to install and can be up and running in minutes.


To learn more about KnowYourDay and the Cronus Productive Suite, view our walk-through videos below:

Knowyourday endpoints available for windows PC
Knowyourday endpoints available for IOS

Our endpoint is cross-platform and works on

Windows and macOS


Choose from simple cloud downloads to customised / on-premise installation. KnowYourDay is flexible to suit whatever your business requirements.

Task project and time tracking

Keep accurate track of your time, projects and tasks.

$ 4.00
per user / month
$ 12.00
per user / year
(save $36.00)


Cronus, All the Task, Project and Time Features Plus Export with controllable rates by contract or task.

$ 8.00
per user / month
$ 56.00
per user / year
(save $40.00)

Time and Motion Study

Digital Time and Motion Study Suite for Today's Distributed Workforce.

$ 20.00
per user / month
$ 120.00
per user / year
(save $120.00)

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