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Find out your present health and future health by our exclusive health and well-being astrology report absolutely free!
Know your zodiac sign compatibility  with that of your partner's with our free astrological compatibility report. Free Astrology Reports
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Love Compatibility Sagittarius with...


You are a much better friend, not always a better spouse. So, think well and balance your thoughts before you enter into any long-term relationships.

Sagittarius & Aries:
Good as long as it lasts.
You combine adventure with romance, and this could work for you.

Sagittarius & Taurus:
An unlikely match. Organised Taureans often think of you as a nomad without a clear path.

Sagittarius & Gemini:
You have many things in common, though your ways are different. You tend to take chances or risks — and this could be dangerous for either.

Sagittarius & Cancer:
A compulsive traveller and a home-lover — this is a combination that makes for great friendships, not necessarily a marriage.

Sagittarius & Leo:
You make a fine combination — bringing to your relationship the best of both the worlds.

Sagittarius & Virgo:
Meticulous Virgos are just too much to bear for the Sagittarian, who loves to do things out of the box.

Sagittarius & Libra:
A relationship made in heaven, if only you don’t get into temper tantrums or mental battles.

Sagittarius & Scorpio:
Scorpios love and like stability. You don’t like that stuff — and, when you bring in an element of jealousy things will not go right for you.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius:
Hot affairs are a distinct possibility; long-term relationships a lottery!

Sagittarius & Capricorn:
Your impulsive and overbearing nature isn’t something that Capricornians would like to place their trust upon.

Sagittarius & Aquarius:
You have common interests — travel, home, love etc., You could make good relationships work — with better and sustained effect.

Sagittarius & Pisces:
Physically passionate; emotionally not quite compatible with each other. Not a combine that can work in the long-term.

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