Best employee monitoring software 2018 for Windows OS

KnowYourDay (KYD) uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cyber Security, together with other unique features, which is why we believe that is it the best employee monitoring software in 2018 for the Windows OS. KYD software obtains data from the windows OS to assist the AI in analysing the employees working day.

For Organizations that have Windows machines, KYD’s Employee Monitoring software tool is very effective in tracking employee activity and displays results of e.g. billable hours for the specific project the employee work in easy to interpret graphical displays and reports.

The tool guides the employee to help understand how to improve performance and efficiency, enhancing career progression.

Employee monitoring software, AI and windows work together producing an excellent platform for getting log details and managing the deliverables (with the assistance of AI), obtaining the best performance estimation, displayed in easily understandable charts and reports.

The AI allows secured data capturing and also has the ability to be assist HR recognise the best employees who make significant contributions to the organisation and whose performance reviews are making positive progress. KYD also has many intellectual features to enhance the performance, additionally it can protect any sensitive data, ensure network security, detect insider threats, understand individual productive workflow, gain more business insights about company transparency.

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