AI Employee Monitoring Software Designed to Help Employees

KnowYourDay (KYD) is uniquely different from conventional Employee Monitoring software, the latter often aims to increase productivity by various (often intrusive) data collection methods.

In direct contrast to this approach, KYD helps the employee achieve their potential by collecting only the minimum data required, typically for the AI, which uses TensorFlow / Neural Networks as the building blocks to assist interpretation of this data, displaying it in graphical displays, rich charts and reports.These help employees understand, identify and increase efficiency and productivity issues, improving employee career progression and performance reviews - whilst maintaining privacy and security.

KYD assists managers to manage more effectively, being able to use the pictorial graphs, displays and reports to help them understand their staff and employees activities during the working day. It also provides employee activity insight.

KnowYourDay is ‘Security Aware’ and employees can be reassured that there is:

  • NO email monitoring
  • NO screenshots are ever captured or taken
  • NO keystroke capturing

The software can be used by a broad spectrum of users, ranging from executives, to distributed teams, to parents who need to pickup and drop off children whilst still having a career. It can even be used by busy mums running a small business (or working) from home.

It is designed for the full spectrum of companies, ranging from multinational to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s). It is also suitable for Government departments, NGO’s and large organisations such as the UK’s NHS, as well as university management, academics and students. It can even It can also be used for flexible working, allowing its use by employees working from home.

Staff and Employee Performance Monitoring is an important part of management in an organisation. It allows employees and management to have an increased understanding of how they are managing their time throughout the day. Co-located and remote working is increasingly used in today’s world and Know Your Day uses Artificial Intelligence to assist in the provision of a one-stop solution for managing your day. It also provides billable hours within an organisation. It runs securely in the background on a PC or Mac. It tracks time spent on applications and using keystroke counts (not capturing), web activity etc., it allows employees to have an accurate picture of their working day.

It also has the potential for AI Business Transformation

Using artificial intelligence analysis, employee behaviour is ‘learned’ and the software produces detailed reports, alerts and data based on activity. This includes billable hours for both the manager and their team. Alerts are provided if targets are not met.

AI Staff Monitoring Software to assist staff improve their performance
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