AI Staff Monitoring software to assist staff improve their performance

KnowYourDay (KYD) is uniquely different from Employee Monitoring software, and is designed to help members of staff increase their productivity and efficiency, therefore improving their career progression within the company, achieving excellent performance reviews.

Whereas many performance reviews are carried out at specific points in time and written up by a manager, KnowYourDay help with real-time personalised performance assessment review for the member of staff who can then discuss it (anytime) with their manager.

The AI has the potential to identify the job roles the staff member is doing, regardless of the actual title, this can be helpful in some instances, e.g sometimes a member of staff considers they are doing more than they are given credit for, and KnowYourDay will show the percentage of their time spent doing other job roles that are not specific to their job title.

The use of AI is a totally different approach to conventional “employee or staff monitoring” which collects lots of data, some of which could be considered by staff or employees to be intrusive. Staff may feel that such conventional staff monitoring is a violation of their privacy rights, and in some countries or states, certain types of monitoring may fall foul of privacy laws or regulations.

In direct contrast to this, KnowYourDay only collects the minimum amount of information to help the member of staff improve their performance and efficiency which can assist them is many areas of work, including their performance review.

Information is looked at and analysed by the AI (which uses TensorFlow / Neural Networks as the building blocks to assist data interpretation) and whilst the interpretation of the data is visible, to the staff member etc, the raw data is not; this may also help alleviate worries of invasion of privacy,


KnowYourDay is Security Aware and staff can be reassured that there is:

  • NO keystroke capturing
  • NO screenshots are ever taken or captured
  • NO email monitoring

The AI produces user friendly graphical displays, rich charts and reports which help the staff member understand and identify efficiency and productivity issues, whilst maintaining privacy and security. Detailed reports can be requested/

Because KYD produces real time ‘performance assessments’ (as opposed to e.g. 6 monthly ones produced by managers, it assists the managers to manage more effectively, being able to routinely check these and set (or modify) targets, goals etc.

It is designed for the full spectrum of companies, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) to multinational and international companies. It can also be used NGO’s, Government departments, and large organisations / Universities etc.

In 2018 Staff Monitoring is an important part of management, allowing managers to have an increased understanding of how their staff manage their time throughout the day.

Co-located and remote working is increasingly common today; KnowYourDay uses Artificial Intelligence to provide a ‘one-stop solution’ for managers as it performs multiple functions, one example is the providing billable hours within an organisation. It tracks time spent on applications and using keystroke counts (not capturing), web activity etc., it allows staff to have a greater understanding of how they manage their working day.

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