AI Management Monitoring Tool to improve staff and employee performance

KnowYourDay (KYD) is quite different from other staff and employee monitoring tools, being designed to assist staff and employees increase their efficiency and productivity by ‘Knowing Their Day’. This also helps with their career progression in the company and also helps them achieve their best performance reviews.

Whilst managers can can carry out formal employee performance reviews at specific time intervals, KnowYourDay allows the manager to be aware of real time performance, and the employee can assess their own performance assessment review. and can then discuss any shortcomings with the manager if they so wish.

AI also has the ability to define the actual job roles the employee or member of staff is doing, which can be more than the official job title defines. This can be beneficial as sometimes a member of staff or employee may be doing more than they are being credit for. KnowYourDay can show the percentage of time spent doing other job categories that are not included in their job title.When an employee is doing something that they do not think is in their job title/role, they may think ‘thats not my job’ and therefore may not feel as committed.

KYD’s use of AI is a very different approach to the usual (non AI) “staff or employee monitoring”; the latter collects lots of data (usually too much data), and some of which could be considered to be intrusive. Employees may also consider such ‘widespread - see all -’ monitoring is a violation of their privacy rights. In some states or countries, this may be the case and some types of monitoring may not comply with regulations and / or privacy laws

KnowYourDay collects only the minimum amount of data to help the employee and manager improve performance and efficiency.

Information is looked at and analysed by The AI uses TensorFlow / Neural Networks as the building blocks to assist data interpretation and then present it in pictorial or graphical form. More importantly, whilst the interpretation of the data is visible to the staff member and management, the raw data is not; this may also help alleviate worries of invasion of privacy,

Because KnowYourDay is literally the best 'Security Aware Software', staff can be confident that there is:-

  • NO screenshots are ever taken or captured
  • NO email monitoring
  • No keystroke capturing

KYD AI displays data as rich charts, user friendly graphical displays and reports, all of which help the member of staff identify and understand productivity and efficiency issues, without concerns about security and privacy.

The KYD management and employee software tool is can be used by the full spectrum of companies, from large multinational and internationals to small and medium-sized enterprises. It can also be used by Government departments, NGO’s and large organisations, e.g. Universities etc.

Remote and co-located working is increasingly common; and the KYB employee monitoring software tool uses Artificial Intelligence to perform multiple functions to provide the best ‘one-stop solution’ for managers; examples are providing billable hours and tracking time spent on applications. It provides managers with an increased understanding of how their best staff manage their time during the working day.

Best Employee Monitoring Software uses AI, cyber security and respects employees privacy

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