Best Employee Monitoring Software uses AI, cyber security and respects employees privacy

A recent article in a computer magazine had the title ‘Guide to the best employee monitoring software’.

The presumed ‘Best’ software ticked a list of boxes that included:-

  • Stealth Monitoring
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Screenshots
  • Optical Character recognition to search through screenshots
  • Keystroke recording
  • Looking at User Privacy settings

Should ‘the best’ employee monitoring software really be the ones that tick all of these boxes, without ticking other boxes such as cyber security and AI.

Should the employee have no privacy at all? Questions about the the right to privacy and the law in some countries and some states could be asked.

In 2018, considers that the use of AI and cybersecurity and other tools, together with working with the employee to improving productivity and security is a far more constructive approach, especially when compared to employye monitoring software taed in 2017.

In the previous (2017) mentioned article about ‘The Best Employee Monitoring software’, the following were not included in the requirements’:-

  • The use of AI
  • Cyber security

KYD Cyber security - ‘the endpoint specifically does not collect security sensitive information. It does not log keystrokes (it counts keystrokes), it does not track full URLs and it does not take screenshots’.

The use of AI by KYD s not for employee surveillance - (which is hardy conducive to the employee working positively with the software?), instead KYD uses AI to work with the employee to increase productivity and efficiency. Advanced Neural network algorithims are used for behavioural analysis and activity classifications. Neural Network based categorisation of Complex data simplifies understanding of what the employee and/or the team is working on,

A demonstration of KnowYourDay can be seen on the home page
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