Best Employee Monitoring Software 2018

KnowYourDay (KYD) is one of the best employee monitoring software tools and can be used on both Windows and Macs. It allows managers and employees to be aware of how effectively they manage their working day, and so helps increase performance and efficiency. Security is of the utmost importance and so KYD incorporates cyber security, and so is different from other employee and staff monitoring software; it does not log keystrokes (it counts keystrokes), it does not track tull URLs and it does not take screenshots; the endpoint specifically does not collect security sensitive information.

It is a robust staff monitoring software platform using advanced technology so that employee monitoring is very straightforward and information (e.g. the effective time an employee works on project) is displayed visually and in reports.

Constantly changing technology requires a continual focus on the importance of security. KYD and ‘The’ is a perfect platform for both security and performance and so it is unique when compared to other employee performance software.

Calculations of billable hours, performance charts, screenshot capturing and recording employee activity using logs (and more) makes the best platform to improve productivity by working with the employee and manager so they know important aspects of their working day.

The KYD software (2018) presents AI assisted analysis of information in the form of charts and other easily understandable formats.

The use of AI technology makes companies far more aware of security threats and risks within their own workplace; because KYD uses AI and cyber security, it is therefore considered to be the best employee monitoring software tools.

All solutions can be used by employees, staff, admin and managers; with the built in ability to add billing codes and cost centres it is also an ideal solution for Legal organisations

More information about KYD for Windows OS