Our Commitment Environmental Sustainability

Adappt recognise our obligation to bring awareness and understanding of environmental manageability among staff to apply supportability into training in the working environment.

Energy consumption has multiplied over the recent years and the demand is expected to rise further due to increase in household purchasing power, industrial and agricultural advancements and technology advancement. Adappt endeavours to join supportable environmental practices in our process wherever conceivable, and consistently tries to enhance our contributions with an end goal to diminish our very own environmental footprint.

Adappt Sustainability Initiatives
  • As a first step in our energy efficient efforts we implemented the usage of LED lighting, energy efficient appliances and solar panels across the company.
  • Educating our staff and management to operate a fleet of low-emission, fuel efficient vehicles.
  • Encouraging our customers to choose “paperless” billing and payment, as well as electronic distribution of contracts and sales materials to reduce waste.
  • Preventing pollution and minimising waste.
  • Promoting environmental awareness in our office environment by encouraging our employees to conserve energy, water, and other resources.
  • Recycling waste whenever possible and following appropriate municipal directions when reusing isn't accessible; and acquiring reused and economical items wherever conceivable.
  • Promotion of health, productivity and safety practices on our premises through education.