How much does KnowYourDay cost?

KnowYourDay is simply affordable with low cost entry points. Prices are shown in the pricing section and are for each device licence. Both volume and health sector discounts are available – Talk to us

Set up is quick. Once purchased the team will provide you or your company’s IT team with the required endpoints and documentation to create company departments/teams and to associate all your employees to the account. We’ll be on hand to guide you through but even a company set up is typically only a 15 -20 min process.

KnowYourDay is designed to run on both Windows and Mac OS with versions listed below:


8.1 and 10 – 64 bit


macOS 10.12: Sierra

macOS 10.13: High Sierra

macOS 10.14: Mojave

macOS 10:15: Catlina

macOS 11: Big Sur

macOS 12: Monterey

The only hardware required to run KYD is either a desktop or a laptop with Windows or MacOS. No external or third-party software is required to run KYD.

Completely! Whilst KnowYourDay has some fantastic team features, it is just as valuable to the individual user. KnowYourDay is about productivity improvement regardless of the size of your team. As an individual that can be quite hard to evaluate by yourself, but with KnowYourDay you’ll see how you spend your day, what tasks you have been working on and how productive your day has been – perfect for when you want to show your clients how hard you work for them!

Firstly, privacy is at the heart of KnowYourDay. Unlike many other tools, we DON’T collect or store actual keystrokes or website pages, but merely count activity. We have no interest in knowing what someone has typed or posted – just that that activity has taken place.

KnowYourDay will provide insight into where you spend time, such as Word, Excel, Skype, Telegram, Zoom, Chrome, Photoshop etc. It will show time, keystrokes, mouse activity but will not record actual content.

We also record the main urls of websites visited, such as www.bbc.co.uk or www.facebook.com but not the actual pages thereafter.

KnowYourDay gives you all the information you require to evaluate where across your team there are areas that can be improved, and how your team members are performing.

KnowYourDay provides departmental/team charts and reports giving individual employee and group insight by day, week and month.

Any weaknesses in the current setup can be quickly identified and addressed.

Most definitely! Many clients use this facility when they initially install KnowYourDay across their organisation. It is perfect to gain the valuable insight required to run the business smoothly, especially when staff are remote working and less visible.

Talk to our team to discuss this further.

Absolutely! Another key win for KnowYourDay. As it is light touch and non-intrusive, it is perfect for M&A situations. Simply running KnowYourDay for a few weeks across a potential acquisition will highlight areas of the business than require further investment and those that can be refined, saving significant resources, funds and time when it comes to merger.

Somethings we just cannot control, this really depends on your organisation. However, that is why KnowYourDay is different – it is the non-intrusive solution that companies have been looking for.

It may cause upset from team members who may not have been pulling their weight, but for those hard at work in remote offices it will be extremely beneficial.

As remote working increases, companies still have the same duty of care to all their staff to ensure the business grows and provides better opportunities for all. KnowYourDay helps you do that, whilst respecting your staff privacy.

KnowYourDay is a desktop solution, with a mobile friendly web platform. However, we are always looking at improvements and a dedicated mobile app is in development.

Whilst we think KnowYourDay is already a cracking product, we are always looking to improve it. We’d love to hear from you with regards to any suggestions you may have. We want the world to be able to work remotely, as efficiently as possible – because everyone benefits that way. If you have any comments please do get in Contact.