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Are you looking for an alternative to Monday Software, and a task and time tracker? Read our blog to know how we can be your ideal partner for meeting Monday goals.

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Monday Goals with alternate Monday project management

Monday is always a new beginning. The first day can pave way to a productive and eventful week, and a busy Monday can be crucial for any business organization. Monday is also the day when your employees jumpstart the week after spending a relaxed weekend. Whilst sipping coffee and defeating Monday blues, they log in to their system, and you too wait for them to begin a great day’s work. And for that, deploying KnowYourDay, the best Monday app alternative in the market can play a pivotal role.

If you are already familiar with the Monday project management and tracking software concept, then surely, you have an idea about Monday software that has gained immense popularity in recent years. And now, when the current work environment is flexible and most of the companies are working remotely, KnowYourDay comes with more updated solutions than the Monday App. With us, alternative Monday project management, real-time monitoring, evaluation, increasing productivity, and enhancing security becomes easier. How can you get all the benefits whilst planning your Monday goals? Take a look.

Intuitive View of the Performance:

To kick start the week, you need to know your current workflow with ongoing projects. We at KnowYourDay, bring you an intuitive and simple dashboard that will give you a glimpse of the projects as a Monday alternative. You can easily see who of your team is already online. You can select any department to see how far they are from the project-specific goals. If necessary, you can identify the potential safeguarding issues early before they create a bigger problem.

Activity View for More Productivity:

Now, it is time for you to know how productive your team had been in the past week and which resources and departments need the push for being more active the present week. With our Monday software alternative application, you can get an overall view of the team, department, and individual employees. You can find out,

  • Total activity hours of the employees
  • Number of keystrokes and total mouse activity
  • Applications used for the project
  • Time spent on each application and how productive it was
Complete insight of employees in the company

Don’t worry. Whilst doing so, the privacy of your employees will be safe as the application will not take any screenshots or collect any personal information. Once you know about the activity, you will know which team needs to do more work to meet deadlines. And you can notify the team at the beginning of the week.

Forecasting Projects and Budget:

As Monday is the beginning of the week, it can be the day of new deals and projects for you too. So, if you are talking about a brand-new project, you can use the advanced AI analysis that KnowYourDay has to offer. With this analysis, you can get the user behavior, skills, and patterns of work for the team. This information will help you determine and forecast how much time and money will be spent on some future project too.

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