Top 5 features of the Best Employee Productivity Tracking Software

With KnowYourDay’s best employee monitoring software, tracking work hours is simpler, accurate, and non-invasive.

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How significant is employee productivity? How can project managers monitor their employee’s’ tasks to ensure a robust output? If all this happens, it only concludes at client happiness, and thereby…, client retention becomes evident, aiming at nothing but business boost!

But the big question is – How can you track employee productivity? Post the coronavirus threat, virtual offices or remote working has become the new norm in working culture. Now it’s only natural that tracking employees is made mandatory to ensure the organisation is not seeing its doomsday.


We tell you about the 5 practical ways to productivity monitoring!
1. Setting deadlines right!

Project managers can falter when it comes to setting expectations from team members. Assigning tasks and letting team know what is expected of them, calls for smooth task performances. Don’t forget, the era of remote working has sped its way to success and many organisations are eyeing this path.

Do you know how many employees in your team are productive and aiming at delivering results and how many are wasting hours and still getting paid for it? Isn’t this the reason why businesses have their downfall and fail eventually?

Employee productivity tracking software is crucial to see employees performing, working on assigned tasks, with their log hours monitored! All this is possible with an employee productivity tracker like KnowYourDay.

2. Using the best time tracking app for employees

Productivity monitoring software is ideal to view how much time is invested in the task by each employee. This will give detailed and analytical reports of total task time, keystroke activity, mouse activity with URLs monitored. The many features with a robust dashboard serve as the ultimate productivity tracker to determine time spent on tasks and projects.

3. Track employee digital activity

What does this mean? The digital age encompasses infinite options to browse, view and become engaged with. It is a distraction to the task doer and a hiding place to the time waster. Tools like KnowYourDay best employee monitoring software will track the viewing and the browsing by tracing the URL activity. Netflix anyone? NO. Not when the KnowYourDay time tracker app is installed.

4. Choosing an efficient project management software

Project management tool is a great start to witnessing employee productivity. If your organisation hasn’t opted for one, it’s time you go for it, as this may be highly effective in boosting business growth. Choose one that will help promote strong team collaboration, and cater to detailed task updating, transparency with accurate log hours visible to all.

Basically, are we on the same page? It is all that matters.
5. Contemporary features

KnowYourDay’s best employee productivity tracker comes with enhanced features and AI to boost the tracking level to its finest. It records and documents all employee activities accurately. This way both productive and unproductive hours/ significant and insignificant tasks can be analysed well and worked out with a plan to reverse if leading to negative output. KnowYourDay tool is also a 100% privacy ensured, non-invasive time tracker. All these contemporary features are the USP’s of the tool.

Trust us and see how it changes the way you look at employee productivity.

It’s time for CHANGE!