How Can Your Project Management Software
Ensure Enhanced Security?

Are you planning to enhance the security of the project and the sensitive information regarding it? Read the blog to know how project management software can help you in that.

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Running a business that deals with sensitive data is not easy. You are dealing with a lot of crucial information, and for that you need to ensure complete security. The most unfortunate part of it all is the time security breach happening from within the organization.

That is why you need to implement project management software that offers protection against cybercrime. Getting alerts of access and suspicious activities will help you ensure the complete safety of your information. With Agile project management tool like KnowYourDay, your organization gets the benefit of enhanced security of your information. How? Take a look.

Suspicious Activity Alerts:

The software will be seamlessly integrated with your project and applications. As a result, like any efficient and best activity and time tracking app, this will also monitor activities. If there are any suspicious activities in your project, you get an immediate alert as the host of the application.

Sensitive File Access and Activity Alert:

Whilst you are handling a crucial project, there will be files with sensitive information and even reports of extensive research and studies. Losing such significant information or any dispute in them can cause a huge disaster. If there is any activity like file access, file renaming, or deleting, you immediately get an alert to stop it. You also get to see the source of the activity too.

Sensitive Download on USB:

Breaching the privacy of the company or the project and taking away the sensitive information for some unlawful benefits is a commonplace incident and that is why you need to get specific alerts for this too. With the employee time tracking app, monitor any sensitive USB download efficiently.

Don’t waste time as the criminals won’t. Always stay one step ahead. Make sure you are getting on board with the right application and tool, to ensure the enhanced security of the project.