10 Features That An Awesome Time Tracker for
Employees Must Have…!

In the day of agile project management software, a time tracker for employees is the gateway to operational brilliance for your businesses. KnowYourDay productivity suite comes with incredible features that a robust time tracker should provide.

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How relevant is time tracking in new age employee management?

Organizations want to have complete control over their workforce just like they had prior to the pandemic. Now, it has become significant to monitor employees whilst they work remotely from home. This is a reason companies today are making it mandatory to have a robust time tracker for employee management.

KnowYourDay time tracker for employees is curated to these features that makes it highly contemporary task management software especially in the covid era.

1. Time and Motion Study

Any employee management time tracker with the effect of Time and Motion study is a BESTSELLER. With the principle of efficiently managing your employee performance and reducing time wastage, KnowYourDay productivity suite monitors time and work with precision.

Project management

In the day of agile project management, Time and Motion study is imperative. If your software brings in the agile methodology like KnowYourDay does, then THIS IS IT!

What should a fantastic project management look like?
  • Assign tasks to employees
  • Notify them on tasks
  • Monitor tasks/ projects accurately
  • Note time invested in each project
  • Collaborative work on projects
  • Setting project deadlines

And an employee time tracker like KYD is a dream software for project managers, so that each EMPLOYEEE DOES NOT MISS a mark!

2. Analytical & Custom Reports

Your employee time management software should provide detailed reports that covers application by time, application of keystrokes, and keystrokes and machine activity. Individual or overall team’s productivity should be the crux of the reports leaving no stone unturned to monitor performances.

3. Smart Rules & Alerts Trigger

There are restricted URL’s, Files, activity that a company implements as rules. An intuitive software will alert all rule-breaks and browsing done on these sites. Specific keyword restriction is another bonus that alerts the management.

4. Live Tracking

Now… here is the CATCH. Pun intended!! What better than a time tracker that monitors LIVE of who is on which project and doing what!! If there is any software that can do this, don’t bat an eyelid Just grab it!

5. Keystroke Logging

Watch out for this must-have feature. If keystrokes log is tracked, then its great news. With KnowYourDay, keystrokes ae updated every 15 minutes in dashboard, and every 30 minutes in the employee activity chart.

6. Intuitive Dashboard

Lookout for these features in a dashboard!

  • Access to least active users to top performers’ meticulous time management sheet
  • Should track last 24 hours and last 7 days work activity
  • Enhanced & user friendly interface
  • Total percentage of employee activity using different operating systems
  • LIVE tracking
7. Reports Export

Round the clock collective reports with keystroke activities, DNS activities and mouse activity can be downloaded anytime. With KYD, export reports in CSV format effortlessly and view the overall activity.

8. Website and URL Tracking

Now, this can help analyse work output. A comprehensive coverage with website classification and DNS activity is a go to.

9. Don’t snoop into personal privacy!

Here is where a time management software like KnowYourDay differs. We track project management and employee task management adeptly but don’t snoop around… Keystroke count is made, but we don’t store actual keystrokes, website classification and DNS activity is done but NO link to actual pages.

10. Digital Stopwatches: Personal Notes In Colours

How cool if the time tracker in the time management software like Billable is like your personal sticky note? And what better if its colour-coordinated? Each sticky note highlights different projects.