Here's Why Your Company Needs A Contemporary Employee Monitoring Software

KnowYourDay is the Best Employee Monitoring Software that is both contemporary and the perfect solution to remote employee monitoring. It aims to give your company the productivity boost it so long needed.

Visual presentation of the knowyourday performance monitoring software
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Would you believe if I told you an employee productivity suite is your organization’s gateway to business boom? At the end of this read, you will be convinced to place your bet on a reliable, robust and a relevant employee monitoring software like KnowYourDay and give your company the productivity boost it needs.

What no one will tell you about the Best Employee Monitoring Software!

Imagine there are employees in your company who are talented but investing their time in insignificant tasks? Here’s another picture to paint in your mind… Now, imagine there is an employee who is doing redundant work, and as a result all top priority projects are sidelined?

There are infinite scenarios daily with all your employees and they swift past you unnoticed! This app not just notices these work nuances but does more than that.

Let’s cut to the point… The covid era is dominant! There is uncertainty everywhere and established office infrastructures are doomed. Remote working is the new cool… Now, since remote working is on the uprise, software for employee tracking and management has never been this CRUCIAL. And most employee monitoring softwares come with a baggage.

How does KnowYourDay differ and why your company should SERIOUSLY consider this staff productivity tool!
Time and Motion study implementation
  • KnowYourDay is the Best Employee Monitoring Software designed and curated to the principle of Time and Motion study.
  • Time invested in each project is tracked to the T.
  • Reports are by individual performance, team, or department wise.
  • Save time and money by evaluating right tasks and channelise more time towards them.
  • Download and export data collated of the employee in a CSV format to view the accurate working hours invested.
  • Identification is key. Identify the right employee from the demotivated worker whose contribution makes no difference to the projects! If a smart worker is identified from the detailed reports that your software provides, then redundancy is reduced, significant worker is segregated from the insignificant worker, and since time is gold, it is a WIN WIN for your company.
Why should a robust AI-empowered dashboard matter to employee monitoring software?
  • Because...comprehensive coverage of the employee’s performance is the software’s top feature and with a 3D chart that shows LIVE, who is on which task/ project, it is easy to comprehend the profit or loss of your company.

What if I tell you that employees and emotions form the latticework of a company’s success story? Right tasks assigned to the ‘Right Employee’ guarantees appreciation and appraisals! Growth of the candidate and the company is inevitable.

Spotting the star comes easy with a spectacular employee productivity software. Best employees are recognized and rewarded.

And…. With the best project management software like KnowYourDay, employee privacy is maintained. All cyber norms are adhered to. A secure and reliable software like KnowYourDay keeps personal security as its priority.

  • Count of keystrokes is monitored. NOT the actual browsing and typing data.
  • No sensitive information is collated.
  • Website classification and DNS activity is done but no link to the actual pages.
And if your remote working software does not provide
these features then isn’t it