KnowYourDay is AI Powered Digital Time and Motion Study

KnowYourDay implements Time and Motion Study for operational excellence. It is a time tracking tool that systematically uses time for the tasks.

Book and mobile phone tied to a laptop depicting time and motion study

A time tracking tool like KnowYourDay will pave way for managers to monitor and gauge where the employee’s time is invested, and the total time required to reach a deadline. This way, milestones are easier to achieve.

KnowYourDay is the best time tracking app and an excellent solution for resource management too.

Why us?

  • One-stop source productivity suite with detailed applications, meticulous activity charts, and a powerful dashboard, best for remote workers!
  • Comprehensive dashboard helps in separating the productive worker from the non-productive worker
  • Streamlines productive work environment with analytical reports based on performance
  • Monitor area of work & time spent on it
  • Reconfigure business with knowledge on most active users (significant output) or least active users (insignificant output)
  • Understands employee behavioural analytics
  • Designed for both efficiency of teams, and aids in business growth
  • Outsourced teams make for a total package skilled team

What is Time and Motion Study?

Time study was started by Frederick W. Taylor in the 1880s, and Motion study was developed by Frank B. Gilbreth and Lillian M. Gilbreth. Time and motion cannot be separated completely.

Time and Motion Study breaks down into a well-systemised analysis of the number of movements required to do a particular task/ job. It is the time consumed for the right movement, simply put.

TIME IS GOLD. Time consumed is precious, and all motion takes time, so it’s time to use time well!

What are the basics of Time and Motion study?

  • Look closely
  • Pick opportunities
  • Change is constant. Make changes to your approach
  • Track results closely to see if it matches with your expectations
  • Always rinse and repeat

With a competitive global market, every second of your work matters. How does KnowYourDay productivity suite implement the principles of Time and Motion Study?

  • It gives you an analysis of application by time, application of keystrokes, and keystroke and machine activity by day, to help shape a smart-user performance.
  • It’s just the perfect feature set to digitally update the tasks for each day. Instead of relying on outdated paper sheets, there are sticky notes to organise tasks with time precision. It is a little notch higher with built-in stopwatches on each sticky note.
  • With the ongoing pandemic times, most organisations are opting for work from home. But the hitch always lies in tracking the employees and see if they are up to date with their tasks.

This is where KnowYourDay productivity tool comes into effect. With the work monitored down to every second, it puts the employee on a proactive level, in the simplest way. Follow this link : and keep yourself updated with the latest project management tips and tricks.