What is Agile Project Management?

An Agile Project Management Tool is the most comprehensive and versatile project management tool for your project management.

Book and mobile phone tied to a laptop depicting time and motion study

Gone are the days of static methods and learning. It is now progressive and enhanced enough to be ‘Agile’. When the waterfall methodology for project management was considered the best procedure for organizations, people eventually realised that waterfall method wasn’t right for long term projects of huge magnitude. They desperately needed a change. An adaptable, and cohesive project management method came into force with 12 core principles and 4 values that form the lattice of the agile method.

Software Project Managers would call this their most bankable method as it accurately befits their challengingdemands and plans.

So, what goes on into agile project management?
  • It is non-restrictive
  • Interactive
  • Ever evolving
  • Precise
  • Iterative
  • Stresses more on team co-ordination
  • Self-organizing
  • Deliversdynamic working software over all things traditional

How amazing? Now, wouldn’t you want an agile projectmanagement too that speaksloud and about agility and, ultimately reduces costs?


So, what are the benefits you receive with the agile management tool?
  • An agile project management tool wraps up tasks faster than ever
  • Its primary focus is on customer satisfactio
  • Sprints play an important part in the execution
  • Tasks are split into sprints for 100% focus and delivery
  • Software implementsautomated workflow

Software that motivates employees to be self-organizing and focuses on interactions over processes is what you need today to get an insightful and a well-enriched work-mode for comprehensive coverage. Scrum and Kanban are two prime examples of agile management.

Besides this, weekly stand-ups, and sprints aid in raising the standard of agile work methodology.

All this means, there are reduced costs and a super responsiveproductivity for projects and businesses. An agile method never goes wrong with producingrobust and dependableresults. And an agile project management software like KnowYourDay is the next best thing for your project management.