Who Benefits From A Time Tracking App?

KnowYourDay is the best time tracking app for various team players. Benefits Project Managers, Coders, Freelancers, Start Ups and Content Writers and Design Team.

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Do you wish to raise the bar of your employees, so they excel in their tasks? As you see this happen, it may become difficult to monitor employees, and streamlining maybe quite a handful for you. When there is accurate tracking and detailed analytical reporting form their side, it becomes a two-way street.

The pandemic has its own rigmarole with employee output gradually decreasing, there by hitting hard most organizations. It’s time to bring about change that will ooze maximum contribution from employees and drive business sales.

Have you ever considered a time tracking app that can bring about such growth? Your business needs it more than ever TODAY! But who exactly needs a time tracking app? Who benefits from a time tracker for employees within the teams? Or amongst the roles they play?

Let’s have a look at a few:

Start Ups:

The best time tracking app can do wonders to your newly opened company. The initial chaos or the mismanagement can be fixed by a time tracking app to see how employees are set right in your firm, and how they perform to kicks tart a small business or a new establishment. The procedural roadmap for the new firm is best set with a project management time tracking app.


Freelancing is on the rise since Covid-19. A freelancer is at liberty to quote the price of tasks given to them. This is when a time tracker comes handy. The best saviour for both ways, and that which solves the problem of payment that is on hourly or weekly basis, is none other than a time tracker!

Now, a time tracker app like KnowYourDay is what you need to log in work hours, manage a timesheet and quote the invoice to send across to the company, and as a recruiter you can check these data to pay the freelancer just for the work they send you, saving on miscalculation. It’s a onetime investment and proves to be the best bet in the long run.

Content Writers &The Design Team

Out of all teams working on a project, the writers and the designers are the backbones. Each time they lay their hands on tasks, the amount of time they consume on a task will eventually contemplate how many total hours were used! The best solution is an awesome time tracker for them that will make completion of tasks easier and give an overall view to the team heads, on the tasks delivered estimated to the time consumed.


A day in the life of a coder will tell you the high intensity levels of work they perform. Writing codes, programming, and running tests need accurate entry of clock in and clock outs. But instead of manual entries, an AI infused time tracker to analyse the dedicated work put into their tasks will take off their pressure. In fact, KnowYourDay’s remote working time tracker for employees is curated for high intensity work with total work output features for a fruitful result at work.

Why do you want to miss out on such a fantastic remote work time tracker?

Project Managers (PM's)

A good time tracker for employees also implements agile project management methodology. And what better way to execute project management than KnowYourDay remote time tracker that is a beautiful agile project management tool. It doubles up the role of playing both, and a product like KYD, has got so many features that it perfectly fits into the agile mould. Its crisp, accurate, intense, and meticulous enough to shape projects into agile methodology. Just the best solution for PM’s to monitor projects flawlessly.