How Can You Schedule Control with Task Management Software KnowYourDay?

How are you planning schedule control for your project? Read the blog to know how KnowYourDay can help you with that.

Book and mobile phone tied to a laptop depicting time and motion study

To complete a project, it is important that you meet deadlines effectively, and your team keeps up with the scheduled tasks. When you are onboarding with KnowYourDay, the best task management software, you get to schedule the tasks based on priority, and the client’s demand or the pipeline of the project. Now, how can you ensure schedule control with our application?

KnowYourDay is a task management software that comes with the most updated features of managing projects and making sure you are following the right timeline along with enhancing customer satisfaction. And whilst doing so, you need to not only plan your Monday goals or set the KPIs, but also need to use the features we are offering in order to get the full benefit of the application. How can you do that? Take a look.

AI Analysis and Forecasting

When you are partnering with us and getting our application, you get AI analysis. AI has been integrated with the application as it provides you with the necessary forecasting information. How? For example, your Project A takes a timeline of 45 days to get completed and a budget of $500 with a team of 7 members. If you are getting a similar project with the same amount of tasks that will require the same time and effort, then this AI feature can forecast your probable deadline and budget. This is crucial for schedule control.

Time and Motion Studies

When you are using KnowYourDay, you get to use Time and Motion Studies. This is a feature that lets you monitor and measure the changes you make for projects and their results. With this, your team can remain flexible whilst delivering the results. As per the result of the studies, you can manage your schedule.

Reducing Negative Output Tasks

With KnowYourDay, you get a time tracker app that will help you understand which task is consumingmore time from the schedule, and if the output of the task is productive enough for the project or no. You can reduce the negative output tasks easily and get the best results with efficient time management so that the deadlines can be met.

So, if you are looking for the best task management software, get on board with us. Visit for a free demo.