How Can You Achieve Milestones With Task
Management Software KnowYourDay?

KnowYourDay is the ideal task management software sure to take your projects a notch above. It is a comprehensive task management tool to achieve milestones.

Task Management Software
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Are you aware that some employees invest their quality time in low priority tasks, and avoid the high priority ones? This leads to postponing the significant tasks and thereby poses a grave danger to the business.

A task management tool will prioritize the crucial tasks from the insignificant ones, to allow employees to work on the former as organization goal.

And with KnowYourDay’s software, it doubles up to be the best project management software too. Planning future tasks and strategies is another feature of a comprehensive project management software, which is what KYD stands for!

And when we talk about projects and growth of a business, setting and achieving milestones will set your company apart from the crowd. Without milestones, no project planning and business productivity is possible.

To achieve a milestone for a project, the team is always a priority, as they can collectively contribute to the goal. For a team to be connected, the members need a greater sync, which ultimately will lead to conquering a milestone. And one of the biggest advantages of a task management software is that the team is always on the same page and there is no confusion.

With KnowYourDay’s project management software, team can collectively work together and be aware of each other’s work status and have complete clarity on how the project is shaping. Inviting and assigning tasks to each other and working with total transparency has always been a concrete way of achieving milestones!

Task Management Tool
What does a task milestone cover?
  • Start and end dates
  • Collaborative effort from the team members of the project
  • Decisions regarding features and activities in a meeting
  • Significant deliveries to be sent to the client
  • Completion of the complex project
How can milestones be achieved with KYD?
  • Assign, prioritize and collaboratively work together from one platform
  • Project deadlines, and start to end targets can be marked and followed by all
  • Complex projects can be simplified into many smaller tasks/ activities
  • Manage deadlines and monitor the deliverables
  • The platform easily integrates all tasks to produce result-oriented projects
  • Export reports for anytime viewable performance sheets

To sum up KnowYourDay is intuitive to use, doesn’t provide you with a rigmarole of going behind project members, provides activity sheets, and gives an overall view of the project milestone status.