3 Tips to Achieve Cross-Team Collaboration
During WFH

KnowYourDay project management system helps you collaborate with cross teams better. This project management software is ideal for cross team functioning.

3 Tips to Achieve Cross-Team Collaboration During WFH
Software, Application

In the hypercompetitive market of business, it is necessary that you stand out from the crowd and get the maximum leverage of promotion. At the same time, the aim of the business should be enhancing the experience of the customers. Whilst all these goals have been a part of the business for always, it is imperative in the new normal world to have effective collaboration among the remote teams.

This is where KnowYourDay comes into the picture. KnowYourDay is the best alternative to Monday project management software, offering a series of facilities and features that will make your collaboration endeavor successful. How can you use this tool to ensure better collaboration with the remote teams in the working from home module? Read on to know more.

Alignment in Business Strategy and Team Goals

Your business surely has a definite strategy of execution. At the same time, the teams should have their independent goals too. Make sure that the goals and the business strategy are in alignment. With the help of KnowYourDay, you can get a complete view of all the projects and their progress. This is the best project management software that comes with an intuitive dashboard that will help you view the project, performance of each team and individual performances.

Alignment in Business Strategy and Team Goals

Easy Deployment and Ensuring Security

Choosing KnowYourDay is a good thing as the deployment of the app is very easy. For running this application, no one has to have any knowledge of complicated coding or anything. The application can be easily downloaded and the UI is very easy for anyone to understand.

Easy Deployment and Ensuring Security

Also, ensuring complete security is crucial. With KnowYourDay, the privacy of the employees will never be compromised. This application doesn’t compromise or misuse any sensitive information. The keystrokes and the websites will be monitored whilst the software will not capture any screenshots.

Reducing Non-Productive Tasks

When you are working in WFH module, you need to identify the tasks that are taking more time and affecting productivity. With KnowYourDay, you can easily get a pattern that will tell you what tasks can be reduced and how productivity and efficiency can be enhanced.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on board with KnowYourDay, the best project management tool and collaborate better with your remote team. Visit us now to get a free demo.