What Are The Advantages Of a Project Management Software?

KnowYourDay is the best project management software for a stronger teamwork and helps to meet project deadlines.

The Advantages Of a Project Management Software
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Project managers and company owners have multiple projects they work on simultaneously. If there is no single point of coordination, then daily tasks can become disorganised, communication will be distorted, and what not!

  • 1. A project management software will ensure total completion of projects in the most amicable way and provide utmost clarity from every team member.
  • 2. KnowYourDay is the best project management software that comes with advantages to boost business productivity.
  • 3. This is an agile project management tool with all upscale features and benefits for the best team work collaboration.

Stronger team collaboration

A project management tool makes teamwork simple and effective. It is a single point of meeting, assigning tasks to each other, trans parent task viewing, and visibility of work hours, which makes meeting deadlines and achieving milestones, easier. There is always improved team collaboration with an agile software like KYD.

Team integration

Easily integrate team members into one project working on the same dashboard. Send invites for project work, and once, member/ guest accepts the invite, notifications and alerts are shown in the icon above as in KnowYourDay’s agile project management tool.

Task assigning

Assigning tasks to team members is now easier as KYD work management tool allows project managers/ owners to delegate tasks that is visible to all. This way, it is transparent for all to see, and the visibility factor of tasks in progress is more.

There is also task status like Normal, High, or Urgent in the KnowYourDay project management tool that can be assigned according to its priority. Once tasks are assigned, alerts and notifications are received to begin collaboration.

Time Tracker

Time tracking is at the core of KYD software. Time tracking comes with a digital stopwatch with hours logged in and out, a time sheet that can be exported to the owners after each task completion.


Detailed timesheets are generated with total task working hours. Team member can download timesheets and export in CSV format.

Remote Working

Lead teams efficiently and achieve milestones with an agile project management tool that is best for remote working today. When teams are placed remotely, co-ordinating with everyone without a software like KYD can lead to downfall of your business. It is mandatory for remote workers to work from a software like this or it may cause serious damage to your business.