3 Tips to Choose the Right Employee
Time Tracker for Your Business

Boost your employee’s performance with the best time tracking tips. Know Your Day fits the bill of an ideal time tracker.

3 Tips to Choose the Right Employee Time Tracker for Your
Software, Application

Efficient time management is crucial for any business. You need to ensure that the team of employees is utilizing all the working hours to offer maximum productivity. And that is why time tracker apps have become relevant for any business irrespective of the size of the firm.

Unlike what the popular notion about time tracker is, it is not spyware for snooping around. Efficient employeetime tracking software will track the time that has been spent on each task and show you the areas where you can improve productivity. This is why KnowYourDay has become popular for businesses. It comes with many important features that will help you track time more efficiently. So, if you are wondering how you can choose an application like that or choose us, here are a few tips that will help you make an informed decision. Take a look.

Real Time Data

Choose an employee time tracking app that will offer you real time data. When working on a project, you should have a clear idea about who is online and who is working on specific websites or applications. With KnowYourDay, you get an intuitive dashboard that will help you look at the whole project all at once. You can check who is active and the activity status real time.

Real Time Data

Ease of Use

Whilst choosing time tracking app, you need to ensure that the application is easy to use. Why? If the application needs a lot of technical knowledge, it might not be suitable for the users. Also, a business will not waste their resource only for the time tracking application. With KnowYourDay, you get this too. This is an efficient application that doesn’t require you to have any technical or coding knowledge. It is pretty simple to use and monitor through this application.

Security and Privacy

Deploying an employee time tracker comes with a set of challenges. Your team members might feel their lack of privacy whilst using the app. Choose an application that doesn’t compromise the privacy of the employees. Taking random screenshots is not the best idea. Also, the application should be completely secure and safe to install and use on any device and network. With KnowYourDay, you get security and privacy both.

Security and Privacy

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the right app or choose KnowYourDay for employee time tracking today, and get improved productivity from your team. Visit today for a free demo.