Tips to Collaborate Better with Your Team Using a Time Tracking App for Employees!

Bring about the change and develop robust team collaboration with KnowYourDay’s Monday project management software. The time tracking app you need today!

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How can your team collaborate better and develop an uncompromised strategy to work management using a time tracking app for employees?

It is easy to lose track of the team and their ongoing task activity if no guidance is provided. Imagine a Monday project management software that can uplift the mood of the employees and help them strategize daily work load effectively?

KnowYourDay employee monitor software intricately calculates the work activity of the individual over a specific task or a group of tasks.

In this blog we tell you how a Monday software can boost the spirit of the team, not just every Monday, but all days, for stronger teamwork and better business productivity.

Track each other’s tasks/ activities

What’s your Monday like? Does your team’s Monday look blank? No priorities, and even if there are, it’s a chaos out there? Need sorting, prioritising, communication done right, and time set against the specific task for each? We have got your back! A Monday com alternative is ideal for your team’s top achievable all Mondays, and every day!

Detailed timesheets

When you install a software that comes with timesheets, you can view entries by all employees. The log hours, time spent on individual tasks or project tasks, can be visible and monitored effectively.

KYD’s employee monitor software provides accurate and super analytical timesheets that can be downloaded by an employee or manager to view the daily tasks.

Separate the productive workers from the timewasters!

Is there a client delivery that’s coming up? Is your team up for the challenge? Monitoring who is on the tasks dedicatedly, and who is being a total time waster can be key to speeding up the tasks and aim at on-time delivery.

Monday project management software aids in identifying the productive worker from the timewaster. The time waster or the non-productive worker, can be spotted and replaced if needed too.

Efficient team strategy

Any Monday com alternative should help in effective team planning. Being aware with total transparency about each other’s workload, makes it easier to calculate timeframes. Even a team’s budgeting can be accurately analysed if 100% workflow visibility is available.

Robust coordination

How does a Monday project management software help in making the team better aligned? With its stronger, robust collaboration, of course.

Helping each other leads to wonderful team bonding. This can happen when the tasks are made aware without intrusion! KnowYourDay’s time tracking app for employees does this seamlessly and allows each member to help the other in times of struggle during task completion.