How the Right Employee Monitoring Software
Can Boost Productivity of Remote Working

KnowYourDay employee monitoring software is curated to meet all employee remote working needs. Both employees and employers will benefit out of KYD’s productivity suite.

Employee Monitoring Software
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Real-time work during the times of remote working is a challenge. But not impossible! If your business is not producing optimum results, and there is no track of how youremployees are performing too, then be sure they are interdependent! The right employee monitoring software especially during the Covid era is a crucial factor to see an uprise in business growth.

Did you know Gartner CFO survey indicates that 74% of the executives plan to have some employees work remotely, permanently? And companies today embrace both the remote and the agile, combined for maximum results. Why just companies or employers, but employees too are now loving the work from home culture. Isn’t this the right time now for the best employee monitoring software for your company? DON’T BAT AN EYELID.

Employee Hours Tracker

Somehow, most employers are never great risk takers. Because remote working comes with a communication challenge, no track or supervision, snoops into employee’s privacy, and more such disadvantages! So, here we have an employee monitoring software curated for remote working – KnowYourDay productivity suite.

KnowYourDay productivity suite identifies issues before they become pitfalls. It aids in managing projects, reduces expenses of running a business from an established officepremises, spots blockers before they incur losses especially for long-term projects with clients.

Additionally, KnowYourDay’s 100% privacy assurance will not let your employees feel like they are being followed. Also, the exact number of hours and time the employee has invested in, can be monitored precisely. It is the ultimate employee hours tracker software.

Employee Time Tracking Software
What do you get with KnowYourDay’s employee time tracking software?
  • Track all user activity and user behaviour
  • Get keystrokes and mouse activity analytics
  • Assures 100% privacy with no actual keystrokes captured but only monitors the count
  • Manage time frames, logs, schedules, projects, and tasks overall
  • Co-work with employees and share tasks
  • A complete project management software
  • Export task/ activityreports
  • Adheres to the Time & Motions studies for the comprehensive agile project management
  • Avoid bottlenecks and ensure overall remote working productivity

Also known as KnowYourDay’s Monday software, it flawlessly aids in boosting productivity of remote working for the long term. It is hassle-free to install and proves to be impactful and result-oriented!