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Want to employ the best time tracker for employee’s productivity? KnowYourDay is your perfect find.

3 Tips to Achieve Cross-Team Collaboration During WFH

Ever wondered what your remote business is lacking? Why your employees are not showing productivity? How your profits are witnessing a constant decrease? We have the answer. In times like these, where working from home is the new normal, it is hard to manage employees. Even though your employees receive flexible working hours, flexible breaks, still somehow their deadlines are not met. What do you do in critical situations like these? Addapt has your back. We have created an efficient time tracking software – Know Your Day, that will hold your business's weak points together. You will notice a huge change in the working process and the execution. When your business starts booming, you will have only us to thank!

There are many ways that our reliable, robust and a relevant employee monitoring software will improve your employee's productivity.

They are -

Our Project Management Software Documents Hourly Costs of Employees

It won’t be wrong to say that finance is an employer's major worry. It costs a lot to run a smooth-functioning and efficient business. Even though most of your employees are working from home, they enjoy perks like Wifi, training opportunities, travel coupons, etc. These expenses have to be borne by you at all costs.

Once you understand the cost per employee, use our employee hours tracker to keep track of the hourly costs. Our analytical and custom reports are your best partner when it comes to maintaining the costs of an employee, even if he/ she lives in a country away from you!

Keeps an Eye on Areas Which Needs Improvement

Your business will deal with a variety of new clients who have different demands. Some projects take less time to cover, whilst some take more. When you use our Time tracker for employees, makes sure to document all the details of every project. Once you go through the documentation, it will become easy for you to know which employee deserves a chosen project, how much time the project will take, what are their strengths and weaknesses, etc.

Provides Visibility to Managers To Make Easy Assignment Decisions

KnowYourDay updates its keystrokes within 15 minutes. This means, you will have a great understanding of your employee's work completion. Once they finish their previous tasks, you can assign new projects. This will improve the work flow and work efficiency, in less time.

Do not waste time anymore. With us, every second is accounted for. To hire our services, give us a call at +44 (0) 203 289 0001 or visit us at and watch how we make your business flourish in no time.