Top 5 Features of a Task Management Software

KnowYourDay task management tool is curated to meet the requirements for successful project completion.

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A successful task planning has start and end time, with timesheets that can be accessible by other team members, contributing to the project’s goal. Everything that aids in making the task easy to analyse, splits into sub tasks for easier completion, and supports in achieving project milestones is a highly effective task management software.

Whilst the market is flooded with diverse software today, contemporary features like in KnowYourDay’s task management software, will meet business deadlines, and ace up your project management!

The top 5 features your Task Management Tool should provide:

  • 1. Single central operation
  • 2. Timer
  • 3. Project Management
  • 4. Personalisation
  • 5. Download Timesheet

Single central operation

One centralplatform that has start/ end timers, task and project coordination with tasks assigned to team members, overall time spent by the user, status of tasks highlighted and personalised features like colour coordinated tasks, adding images and many sub tasks, add to the conveniences, and accessibility of the employee monitoring software. KnowYourDay helps in thorough monitoring of tasks, keeping it organised, and aims at 100% success of project completion, all from a single central place.


Timers act like digital stopwatches for the tasks with start and end time logged in. Every task comes with a digital stopwatch and total number of hours spent on each task can be calculated. When the user clicks on the task, the overall performance card of the task is visible. Like in the image below

Easy Deployment and Ensuring Security

Project Management

KnowYourDay covers all aspects of Monday Project Management, with teams collaborating and viewing team members’ tasks. Teams can work on projects that can be viewed by all ensuring transparency, add and assign tasks to members, and get notifications.

Any task is a product of the overall project, that the team is currently working on. For best work partnership and quicker completion, KYD software has top Monday Project Management features required to get the team in one central platform!

Easy Deployment and Ensuring Security


Most users pick a software that can be personalised. Options to switch to dark or night mode, write task descriptions and save with colour to make it colour coordinated for discretion, adds to the modern-day features of any software. With KnowYourDay, the last few tasks user has worked on appears on top of the page as reminders too.

Download timesheet

Timesheets with the overall performance can be downloaded. Export the timesheet in CSV format to other team members and project owners for them to track the billable hours

Easy Deployment and Ensuring Security